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David James


    David James

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Christmas Venn diagram for you


    Christmas Venn diagram for you

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    Sculptures made out of recycled skateboards by Haroshi. 

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    If there is no such thing as time, you’re already there, and you’re controlling this cycle. You say, “Man, look what we found here, Einstein,” or whoever you’re talking to, Tesla - whoever you’re talking to. Problems of the future can be solved by mankind because you create them. And you have to believe in the future, it’s what we have to do. We progress, we always progress - we try to. So the Sumerian tablets, they say the same thing like Genesis said, that there were chariots of fire that came into the sky. And these beings got out of them, and they walked like a man but they had reptilian features. They had snake-like eyes, a tail, and, uh, scales, right? And they were - they were here, and they made slaves out of the people. And where they landed in is what the Bible calls the Garden of Eden. They were trying to inbreed with the people here. The women would die, the babies were deadborn. But after two thousand years they started taking, the babies started being born and living. And they had tails, they had a few reptilian features. They could phase shift from one dimension to another dimension, and the people who know say it’s from the fourth dimension - the next dimension. Space is expanding; there are spirits coming from the center, right? We’re going counterclockwise. There’s supposed to be eight other universes going counterclockwise, and that’s called Superuniverse, you know? And love’s always been the message. It’s just - circumstances happen, right? People freak out, just flat flip out, you know? Well, that’s where Hitler came from, Hitler came from that way. He was an outspoken, charismatic yeller. And, and all these people said, “Hey, we’ll use this guy, hey, look at all these people listening to this guy.” You know what I mean? And so that’s just what the trip’s like, that. You know? It still exists, and their bloodline goes back - back into Sumerian times. You know, they didn’t call it reptilian, they didn’t call it that. But they did, because they called him Satan, they called him the Devil, and it’s the same damn trip. It’s a negative force, coming in on a positive force, because it’s a third dimension, right? And for it to solidify or to crystallize, it has to have both elements, right? And you have to keep it in balance, or it will, it will, one of them will destroy the other ….

    I do my best to sleep through the caterwaul
    The classicist, the posture in avant-garde
    I bought a gray macaw, named him Jules Verne
    He’ll probably outlive me - he’s a bright bird
    Keeps me company, I teach him new words

    I saw a hologram at the theme park
    She looked as real as me through the white fog
    Then she melted down to her ankles
    Turned into a million white candles

    If I knew where she went, I would follow
    Walking through the land of tomorrow
    Martial trinkets, plastic Apollos
    In the sunshine, trapped to abnormal
    Her veins are full of flat cherry cola

    Slept on the bench by her rollercoaster
    Dreamt I was riding on a motorbike
    Lion of Judah, painted on the side

    I’m doing fine, I’m back in the Palisades
    Let’s watch a pastoral school play
    China shops and cold ivory towers
    Eye and eye, they toast to the Caesars
    Forcing down the drinks of Decembers

    And I know when she spins in a slow pain
    All through the house, the strong smell of burnt sage
    Let’s make it clean and run out the spirits
    I know a diving ?bird? where I hear it

    We’re going down now under the sofas
    Light to dark can shift in an instant
    Feeling close but keeping my distance
    On all fours she’s just so insistent
    Fills my mind with jump ropes and ?slippers?

    Bust through the fire and walk into Heaven
    And then I’m standing in that blinding light
    Crooked crosses falling from the sky